Vuraj ('vu-rai)

Belarusian band that blends traditional Eastern European folk songs and modern arrangements. The result is a well-balanced mixture of folk, rock, and world music.

Named Heroes of the Year 2016 for their input in Belarusian music.


Łastovka (live)
Šoś u lesie (live)
Vuraj (pronounced /'vu-rai/) is a Belarusian folk band that blends traditional Eastern European songs and modern arrangements. The musicians go out on field trips all across the country to record authentic folk songs and tunes - then gather in the studio to give them a new sound and a new life. The result is a well-balanced mixture of folk, rock, and even neo-classical music.

Founded in 2010, the band released four albums and one EP, including the best folk album of 2014 according to Vuraj were named 'Heroes of the Year' 2016 for their input in Belarusian music.

In 2018 the band released their fourth studio album Lito. Recorded in Warsaw with a sound producer with two Grammy nominations, the album is a collection of folk songs from Palessie region of Belarus.

Vuraj regularly performs at music festivals at home and abroad. They played at Pohoda Festival (SK), Atlas Weekend (UA), Basowiszcza (PL), Folkowisko (PL), Mintmusic (RU), Folk Festival in Neringa (LT), Czeremcha Festival (PL), and many others.

No one else in the world has done anything even remotely close to that.
— Viktor Martinovich, writer
We really have to say that Vuraj deserve more attention because it was one of the stronger experiences
— Music Magazine
Many bands can only dream of achieving this level of artistic quality and expression.
— Dmitry Podberezski, critic
Siarzhuk Douhushau
vocal, hurdy-gurdy, ocarina-fish, pipes
Volha Palakova
Nasta Papova
Daniil Zaleski
drums, percussion
Ivan Artsimovich
Philip Petchenko
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Opening Ceremony of the II European games in Minsk | Dinamo Stadium (BY, 2019)
Brugge Club Minsk (BY, 2018)
Church concert in Antwerp (BE, 2018)
Halshanski Zamak Festival (BY, 2018)
Czeremcha Festival (PL, 2018)
Atlas Weekend (UA, 2017)
Pohoda Festival (SK, 2017)
Basowiszcza (PL, 2017)
Folkowisko (PL, 2017)
Mintmusic (RU, 2017)
Birdland Sassari (IT, 2018)
Dunaiska Sich Festival (UA, 2017)
Minsk Brugge Club 20.12 (BY, 2017)
Backstage Studio Warsaw (PL, 2017)
Dom History Novy Sacz (PL, 2017)
Apoteka Krakow (PL, 2017)

Plener-piknik Huta Wysowska (PL, 2017)
Rozmarino Suwalki (PL, 2017)
Solidarni z Białorusią (PL, 2015)
Volnaye Pavetra Festival (BY, 2015)
«Sianokosy nad Narwią Kupalle» (PL 2015)
Lepelski Tsmok Mythological Festval» (BY 2015, 2016)
Kamyanitsa Festival (BY, 2015)
Trypilski Zory Festival (UA, 2014)
Trypilske Kolo Festival (UA, 2014)
Kraina Mryi Festival (UA, 2013)
Ethno-Mill Festival (BY, 2102)
Kamyanitsa Festival (BY, 2012)
International festival "Flugery Lvova" (UA, 2011)
International festival "Flugery Lvova Kiev" (UA, 2011)
Pustye Kholmy Festival (RU, 2011)
Basowiszcza Festival (PL, 2011)
Gorod Zolotoy (UA, 2011)
Music Ring (BY, 2010)
Pustye Kholmy Festival (RU, 2010)
Ethno-fest (BY, 2009)
Graffiti Open Music Fest (BY 2009)
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